To our members, and for all who enjoy Lovell Lake, we are sharing the following recent WMUR story highlighting current high lake levels throughout the state due to recent extended periods of rain. As the story conveys, and as it has been observed on Lovell Lake, there is additional debris floating in the lake, (including an as of yet unclaimed raft; see recent posts from others here on the Lovell Lake community page for photos of that). There is a concern for continued shoreline erosion, dock damage, and nesting Loons. We join other lake associations asking boaters to consider minimizing their wakes this weekend while water levels remain well above normal. We also recommend taking account of small craft, canoes, SUPs and anything else that may be close to shore that may be set afloat due to the high lake level and waves.

View “Recent rain leads to high lake levels in New Hampshire, officials say – WMUR

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