The Lake Host Program on Lovell Lake

Lovell Lake has been milfoil free thanks to the frontline efforts of the Lovell Lake Association, NH Lake Host Program. The Lake Host Program is administrated by NH Lakes and a team of paid individuals work very hard to keep our lake safe from invasive species.

Thank you for your interest in the Lake Host Program. The program has been in place since 2002 and is only possible through the generosity of the Association members, donors, NH Lakes grant, and the Town of Wakefield. The program works in partnership with the NH Lakes Association in an on-going effort to protect Lovell Lake from invasive plant and animal species, that would likely negatively affect property values, and everyone’s enjoyment of our beautiful lake.

The Lake Host Program was started when John Hirsch was President in 2001. Lovell Lake was one of the few lakes to sign up for this new program run by the state of New Hampshire. Annie Robbins coordinated the first Lake Host Program which only inspected boats on weekends. John turned the administration over to his wife, Anusia. In 2002 Anusia became the first Lake Host Coordinator and she managed the program for sixteen years. During her tenure, the program grew from mostly volunteers to paid hosts. The first paid Lake Host was Sarah Connel. Chip Hagy was the Lake Host for two years and this will be my fourth year as Lake Host Coordinator.

The Lake Host Program inspects boats at the town ramp beginning Memorial Day weekend until Columbus Day. The program operates weekends in the spring and in September and October and weekly from 7AM to 7PM during the summer. We are fortunate to be able to hire paid Lake Hosts to provide coverage at the town boat ramp. Occasionally we have a need of a volunteer to fill in for a paid Lake Host. If you would like to be a volunteer to protect the on-going effort to protect Lovell Lake, please contact Beverly Lawrie (Program Coordinator) or Marlean Porter (Program Assistant) for more information.

Contact Beverly: or cell 775-771-9273
Contact Marlean: or cell 603-674-9659


Photo by Amy Swanson


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