The Lake Host Program on Lovell Lake

Lovell Lake has been milfoil free thanks to the frontline efforts of the Lovell Lake Association, NH Lake Host Program, local volunteers, and a team of paid individuals that work very hard to keep our lake safe from invasive species.

We need a Volunteer Program Coordinator to ensure the Lake Host Program continues for another 20 years. The program inspects boat at the public launch for invasive species. The position requires an average of 3 hours a week during the summer season and a few hours in the spring submitting a budget to NH Lakes, an organization that manages Lake Host programs statewide.

NH Lakes supplies grant money to Lake Host programs to help defray costs and handles payroll obligations for any paid staff we use. Per the NH Department of Environmental Services (DES), the Program Coordinator must be a volunteer.

To help manage the program, the LLA employs a highly capable, experienced and well-liked paid Lake Host Program Assistant who reports to the Volunteer Program Coordinator. This individual handles most of the workload associated with implementing and managing the Lake Host Program for the summer.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work with the paid Lake Host Program Assistant to:
    • Ensure all program requirements are met
    • Hire potential lake hosts
    • Develop a summer schedule/calendar for coverage
    • Submit the annual budget to NH Lakes for their review and approval for grant money
  • Attend Lovell Lake Association meetings (4x between May and September) and update the group
  • Interface with the NH Lakes representative when necessary
  • Attend once a year mandatory virtual NH Lakes training
  • Submit an article once a year to the LLA newsletter and the web site

To inquire about the Volunteer Program Coordinator position contact Susan Davis at

Thank you for your interest in the Lake Host Program. The program has been in place for 18 years and is only possible through the generosity of the Association members, donors and the Town of Wakefield. The program works in partnership with the NH Lakes Association in an on-going effort to protect Lovell Lake from invasive plant and animal species, that would likely negatively affect property values, and everyone’s enjoyment of our beautiful lake.

Photo by Amy Swanson

We are always on the look-out for volunteers to man the ramp on Witchtrot Road during the boating season. We are trying to expand our coverage with volunteers on weekends in May, June and September each season. Our dedicated and experienced paid Lake Hosts conduct incoming boat and trailer inspections 7 days a week during the months of July and August each summer. I’m pleased to share with you that one of our paid Lake Hosts recognized an invasive weed on a boat last August and prevented that boat from entering our beloved Lovell Lake. We are all very fortunate and grateful that this “SAVE” occurred! We must remain vigilant and engaged to prevent this from happening. The Lake Host Program is our “last line of defense”.

If you would like to volunteer to support the on-going effort to protect Lovell Lake, all that is required is your attendance at a 2-hour training session provided by NH Lakes Association in Concord, NH. The classes are scheduled and provided in the spring each year. We will work with you to fit a volunteer shift into your schedule. Shifts can be 4 hours, or more, depending on your availability.


Please contact Chip Hagy (Program Coordinator) or Marlean Porter (Program Assistant) for more information.

Contact Marlean: or cell: 603-674-9659.


Thanks again for checking out the Lake Host Program. Have a great summer!