Water Quality Monitoring

By Glenn and Stephanie Thornton

UNH Extension performs water quality testing on Lovell Lake every other Monday, May through early October, 8:30 – 10:30 AM.  UNH interns collect water samples from two areas of the lake.  Tests are conducted to determine if the water quality is improving or deteriorating over time. 

We provide the interns access to our pontoon boat and assist with the testing.  Observers are always welcome.  We are usually available for this water testing but would like to have one or more volunteers, with a boat, to take the interns out for their testing if we are unavailable.  We can be contacted at 603-630-9206 or at waterquality@lovelllakeNH.org.

View current and historical Lovell Lake Lakes Lay Monitoring Program Reports.

Erich Berghahn, an employee of the UNH Lakes Lay Monitoring Program (LLMP), is using an instrument to measure temperatures at various depths in the water column. Glenn Thornton is recording the data. Photo by Amy Arsenault, AWWA

Stephanie Thornton is using a Secchi disc to measure the water transparency. Photo by Amy Arsenault, AWWA