Lovell Lake Weed Watch—Protecting the Lake for all of us!

by Dick DesRoches


Variable milfoil Invasive species, also known as exotic species, are not native to the area. Environmental conditions don’t control the growth as they do with native plants. Once they are introduced into a lake they spread very rapidly and blanket the lake, making normal use of the water impossible.

Variable milfoil is the most common type of invasive found in NH and Maine. This invasive weed is already here in the area in lakes and ponds both close by in New Hampshire and just over the border in Maine. Milfoil is not an idle threat. It has been found in Balch and Belleau here in Wakefield and water bodies in Rochester, Brookfield, Middleton, Wolfeboro and Acton, Maine.

In spite of all the good intentions and the publicity about milfoil, each year another few lakes report an invasive weed problem.

A new and more recent threat to be on the watch for is European Naiad that other nearby ponds and lakes are now having to mitigate.


Let’s make sure that Lovell Lake is not a casualty in the battle against invasive species like milfoil. Once milfoil takes root, even the best efforts and piles of your money will not fix Lovell Lake. An ounce of prevention is the only way to go.

The only defense, if milfoil gets in, is to find it quickly, when it can be removed with a good chance of success. If not caught early on, we will all be in for a long and probably unsuccessful battle to control it.


An easy way to protect Lovell Lake and your investment is to join the Lovell Lake Weed Watchers. The Weed Watchers check the shoreline for any sign that an invasive weed has been introduced into the Lake. It’s easy to spot milfoil in the water. No special training is needed.

Make a family investment in Lovell Lake. Invest a family hour per month, making sure that the Lake is invasive weed free. No donation needed. Only that one hour per month ensures the future of your property. It’s that simple!

Weed watching is easy and can be done from a boat, canoe or kayak or while swimming. This is a great way to get your kids and grandkids connected to and invested in the future of Lovell Lake.


If you and your family are not involved in protecting the Lake, you should be. Get your kids and grandkids involved in protecting their investment for the future. Call Dick DesRoches at 603-473-2216 or email and volunteer today.


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