Disaster Recovery Committee

The purpose of this committee is to facilitate and coordinate the various people and tasks in the event of the discovery of a suspected invasive plant or animal in Lovell Lake.

If you suspect a cyanobacteria bloom please report the bloom as soon as possible to NHDES.
Before reporting the bloom, take two clear pictures of the bloom with your cell phone.  These pictures will need to be submitted with the report to help with identification. The first picture should be a close-up and the second a wide view.
NHDES Cyanobacteria Bloom Report Form


If you are on the Weed Watch team and discover a suspicious plant or animal, please follow your established protocol and contact Dick Desroches: weedwatch@lovelllakeNH.org or 603-473-2216.

If you are not on a Weed Watch team and observe or discover something suspicious, including a possible invasive weed, animal (including Koi fish), please follow these steps:

  1. Take note of the precise location on the lake or boat/trailer where the weed or animal was discovered. Please also note the date and time of day. Use your phone to take photos of the area.
  2. Take several good, clear photos of the suspicious plant or animal.
  3. If you are able to obtain a sample of the weed or animal, please place it on a white background, place a ruler next to the sample and take more photos.
  4. Send an email to John or Anusia Hirsch at disasterrecovery@lovelllakenh.org, attach your photos and provide the information you have collected.
  5. Suspicious plants or animals will be sent to our representative at New Hampshire Lakes for official identification.

Thank you,
John and Anusia Hirsch

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