Dear Neighbors,

It was an honor to be asked by the Lovell Lake Association Executive Committee to share my
photographs of our lake with you.

A couple of important points…

1) In the interest of privacy, I am very sensitive to including photos of people that can be easily identified. However, some of the faces are so wonderful and the scenes so exemplary of our wholesome enjoyment of this great natural resource, that I have included a few photos that contain easily identified faces. If you are in the photo and would prefer not to have it posted, please let me know by sending me an email at and I will remove them immediately.

2) When I am paddling or motoring around the lake and the light is good on a particular home, I take the photo. I certainly have not taken photos of all the homes. If I have not taken a photo of your home and you want one, let me know and I will do my best to get it in good light.

3) No “Photoshop” was used to misrepresent the actual scene in any of the photos: i.e., fake backgrounds, fake light, fake sky, superimposed images, etc. The wonderful light in many of the pictures is because of three factors: First, time of day: 90% of the photos were taken within an hour of sunrise or sunset when the light has a warm glow. The unusual colors and subdued light were the results of taking photos near the shore where the morning and late afternoon sunlight refracts through the trees and bushes. Second, I used a very high shutter speed (exposure time) to take the photos. For example, the average shutter speed I use to capture birds is 1/2500th of a second.

4) You are welcome to download any of the photos. They are posted on the website in a a low resolution format that is required for websites. The resolution is good enough for showing on your computer or emailing, but not good enough for a large print. If you would like a high-resolution copy of any of the photos, please send me an email ( and I will be happy to send you a file which you can download and print. There is no charge to you for the photo provided it is for private and not commercial use. If you want to speak to me, please call my cell 617-510-2100.

Thank you for taking time to view the photographs. I hope you enjoy them.


Bob Spellman

Loons, Eagles, Lake Homes

Name of Friend or In Memory *REQUIRED