Dear Neighbors,

It was an honor to be asked by Craig Rowley to share my photographs of Lovell Lake with you. On my Flickr home page ( just below my name, click on Albums. You will see five of them. Or you can view albums right on this page below.

About the Photos – No “Photoshop” was used to misrepresent the actual scent: i.e., fake backgrounds, fake light, fake sky, superimposed images, etc. The wonderful light in many of the pictures is because of three factors: First, time of Day: 90% of the photos were taken within an hour of sunrise or sunset when the light has a warm glow. The unusual colors and subdued light were the results of taking photos near the shore where the morning and late afternoon sunlight refracts through the trees and bushes. Second, I used a very high shutter speed (exposure time) to take the photos. For example, the average shutter speed to capture 130 bird photos is 1/2000th of a second. Therefore, the total time it took the camera to capture all 130 pics was about 6/100th of a second. It takes 1/10th of a second to blink. When some images look very blue it can be a result of a 3-minute exposure, providing a “dreamy” look. Finally, in many cases, I just got lucky. Yes, you need patience and some technique, but right place, right time has a lot to do with it.

What About Printing Photos? – If you would like a download and/or print one or more of the photos, please send me an email ( I would be happy to send you a couple of files which you can download and print. There is no charge to you for the photo provided it is for private and not commercial use. In your email, please include the album, photo number or name, and whether you intend to download or print. If you want to speak to me, please call my cell 617-510-2100.

Viewing Photos – Click on the “play” button to allow album images to scroll through a slideshow automatically or use arrows that appear when scrolling over sides of images to manually view next or prior images. When playing the slideshow, depending on your WiFi/network connection, you may experience some delay before the slideshow begins to scroll automatically. Once loaded, images will change every 5 seconds. You can also expand the album screen as it appears on your screen, including full screen, using small square icons in the lower-right of albums.

Finally, I wish to thank: Craig Rowley for his confidence and wisdom, Thomas Prindle for his knowledge, patience and guidance. And thanks to my spectacular wife, Amanda, who provides me with the adult supervision required to complete such a project. Finally, I wish to posthumously acknowledge the 29 fish and 6 crayfish who gave their lives to benefit the food chain and my photography. Thank you for taking time to view the photographs. I hope you enjoy them. Sincerely yours – Bob Spellman

Lovell Lake Loons

Lovell Lake Eagles, Osprey, Etc.

Lovell Lake Life

Lovell Lake Black & White

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