To Lovell Lake Association Members:

Below is the resignation letter of former president Craig Rowley, dated Sept. 5, 2021, and accepted by the Executive Committee at the September 11, 2021 regular meeting. The Executive Board thanks Craig for his leadership of the Lovell Lake Association over the last four years.

A Nominating Committee is under formation, led by Ann Howe. If you are interested in the role of president or have a recommendation, please contact Ann at

Thank you.

Executive Committee Lovell Lake Association

Resignation of Craig Rowley as president of the Lovell Lake Association


To the Members of the Executive Committee:

When I assumed the role of President of the Lovell Lake Association four years ago, I never imagined that Andrea and I would move to North Carolina. After all, we had called New Hampshire home for better than 50 years. Moving forward our plan is to spend the better part of July and August at Lovell Lake and the balance of the year in North Carolina.

Given this change in our living pattern, I have decided that the time is now to resign my position as President of the LLA. I believe it is important for the President to be at the lake as much as possible and attend the majority of the regularly scheduled meetings, and for me that will no longer be possible.

I want to thank each member of the Executive Committee and the many volunteers who work hard on behalf of the many members of the Lovell Lake Association and to help assure that the quality of Lovell Lake is not compromised.

While my role will be reduced, I will look forward to supporting the activities of the association.


Craig Rowley

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