The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that Susan Davis and Michael Prindle will serve as the Lovell Lake Association’s next president and vice-president, respectively.

Susan and Michael have long histories on the lake. Let them introduce themselves. – Ann Howe

Susan Davis:

I don’t remember a time when Lovell Lake wasn’t a part of my life. My family was introduced to this little piece of heaven by Phil Howe, whose father introduced it to him, and, whose daughter-in-law is Ann, and a real active volunteer. Although we didn’t actually own property on the lake until 1995, when my husband and I bought our camp on Pond Road, we rented two different camps and never missed a summer. Stan and I moved around a good deal for a lot of years, but always came to the lake with our kids in the summer. It has been the most consistent thing in my life and the lives of my kids.

I’m committed to playing an active role in the preservation of this gift the lake is to all of us. We need to give back to the lake that will maintain the quality of the water that we’ve all enjoyed playing in for so long. Like many of you, I have grandchildren who love to be here (who doesn’t?) and I want to leave it for them in the best possible condition. It will take some work, and, time, but it’s so worth it.

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you.

Michael Prindle:

Since 1968, I have had the great fortune to bathe in the beauty, the energy and the good times that Lovell Lake provides to its users. Whether it is through watersports, boating, fishing, sailing, swimming, soaking or general appreciation, I hope to help Lovell Lake be here for all in its current state of splendor and accessibility.

My goal in this VP role is to expand the members of the LLA so that anyone that benefits from the lake can be engaged and informed on what it takes to keep it as is.

Name of Friend or In Memory *REQUIRED