Letter from the President, Lovell Lake Association

On behalf of the membership of the Lovell Lake Association, I am pleased to welcome you to our new website. We hope that you will find this site to be a good resource for information about our association and our many activities. Our plan is to regularly update the site to keep our members and visitors current with our organization, activities, and pertinent news that would be of interest to our readers.

Some 60 years ago, several Lovell Lake landowners had the foresight to create the Lovell Lake Association primarily for purposes of socialization. Through the years, our organization has both grown and evolved to where our primary focus today is on the quality of the Lovell Lake waters.

We have a very active Lake Host program whereby all incoming boats at the launch are inspected for invasive weeds. Last year we inspected some 1,000 boats. We have a very active weed watch program whereby landowners volunteer to periodically inspect assigned shorelines for invasive weeds. And finally, we have an active water testing program that has been collecting data for better than 20 years. Additionally, we attempt to be good neighbors and annually recognize local students with scholarship assistance.

Anyone who has an interest in the welfare of Lovell Lake is welcome to join the Lovell Lake Association upon payment of a $25 annual fee. We typically have monthly Executive Committee meetings that are open to all members. We have plenty of volunteer opportunities and hope that you will one day join with us and help to make positive history at Lovell Lake!!


Craig Rowley