Letter from the President, Lovell Lake Association

September 2020

Some 60 years ago, several Lovell Lake property owners had the foresight to create our Association primarily for purposes of socialization. Through the years our organization has evolved to where today our focus is on maintaining the quality of the Lovell Lake waters and environment. Currently we are focused on strengthening our Association to both protect our assets and to prepare for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. Specifically, we are seeking volunteers to assist us in the following areas: legal, marketing/communications, development/fundraising, investments, ands disaster recovery. If you have an interest in volunteering some of your time and talents, please go to the “We are all Volunteers” tab on this website for additional information.

We have three long standing programs that continue to play a vital role in maintaining the pristine qualities of our lake. Our highly successful Lake Host program inspected at the public boat launch better than 1,600 incoming boats for invasive weeds in the summer of 2020. This program is literally the last line of defense in keeping us free of very problematic invasive weeds such as milfoil. A second program dedicated to the control of invasive weeds is one in which property owners volunteer to periodically inspect assigned shorelines for signs of invasive weeds. And the third program is our long history, along with our partners at UNH, of collecting, analyzing and trending water samples.

Much has been accomplished but challenges and opportunities remain. Your financial and volunteer support will help define our future.

Thank you!

Craig Rowley



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