Sunday Sailing Regattas are again a Lovell Lake tradition. We had a steady showing of Sunfish and small sloops last season. Most skippers were regular participants if they were at the lake for the weekend. Some complained about being dragged to a wedding or a grandchild’s birthday party hours away, but we always had a competitive and congenial group. A few made sure to get back for Sunday Funday even if only for the day.

I had heard from some landbound sailors who watched from shore but didn’t have a boat available. Please know there are usually several Sunfish that others have generously offered to lend for race day use. We also have 4-6 sloops that might need crew if you’re feeling too old or too stiff to spend a couple hours playing limbo in the cockpit of a boat.

As always, if you are new to sailing/racing don’t be intimidated. We’ll run the races so you are competing against others at your level. We’ve put together a FUN race program. We plan Sunday starts with the first practice start commencing around 1:00 PM.

Welcome are both seasoned racing skippers and anyone else with a sailboat that knows how to sail. The best way to learn to sail better is to have another boat sail past you and learn to catch them! Don’t be concerned about the rules – there are only a few you’ll need to know, and we’ll teach you those. Skippers will decide on how many will crew their boat.

We’ll run short races, so we get in more starts, which is the critical component most likely to influence the outcome of a race. We’ll wrap up by 3:00. I hope to get in three or more races each Sunday.

Need to get a Sunfish? Go online to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Nextdoor. Someone is always done with their boat which is now taking up space in the garage or yard. There are usually several available for under $500 to over $1,000. Beware, the cheapest ones are likely to be old and heavy. You’ll have fun but you’ll never win. Need a new sail? You can get one brand new at Intensity Sails for under $200 in lots of colors. They also sell parts.

We’ve got plenty of water for more boats so don’t hesitate to join the Lovell Lake Sailing Association. No dues, just your participation required. Please talk to others you know who might want to join in. We plan to rotate the race committee on a weekly basis so everyone gets to sail. Anyone who just wants to run the race is encouraged to contact me. I am very excited to help revive this tradition. I’m hoping we can have at least a half dozen boats participate each Sunday to make the effort worthwhile. If you want to help with organizing, reach out directly to me.

If you are interested in participating, please send me an email with your contact info so I can best prepare, communicate, and share the location of the racecourse, which will be influenced by the day’s weather. I can be reached at or cell: 617-943-8016.

Let’s sail fast and have fun,

~Richard Belofsky

Name of Friend or In Memory *REQUIRED