Image of a Koi fish.

***Update June 7, 2022: This reward offer has been extended for the 2022 summer season and will run through September 4, 2022*** Goldfish do not belong in Lovell Lake. They are non-native and are negatively impacting the lake and the native fish population. We need your help to eradicate them, therefore, the Lovell Lake Association is offering $100 for each captured and killed Koi/Goldfish pulled from Lovell Lake.

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  1. Capture fish
  2. Take a picture of you with captured fish showing lake area where the fish was captured. This is an essential rule to the reward. Location needs to be shown
  3. Kill fish humanely (Google it)
  4. Provide contact info (name, phone, email) along with photo to
  5. You will be contacted by someone from Lovell Lake Association (LLA) to process your reward and, possibly, view the fish
  6. Reward limited to the first 10 fish caught
  7. Program runs through 9/4/22

When you put Koi or any aquarium fish into the wild, it can have negative impacts or consequences on the native fish in that lake system. In addition to crowding out native fish, Koi (Goldfish) are somewhat destructive. They are bottom feeders and eat snails, clams, and insects off the bottom. They’ll also eat the roots and shoots of aquatic plants and in feeding, they can root up and stir up the lake bottom, making the water murky.

Remember to never release unwanted aquarium fish into the wild because there’s always a chance that a population will establish which will always have some negative impact on native fish species.

To join the Lovell Lake Association and help preserve its beauty please go to:

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