Membership Dues


Our member’s generous donations over the years have allowed our organization to be in a strong financial position. By carefully managing our expenditures and creating reserves for invasive plants and animals reserve, the Lovell Lake Association will be able to continue all our efforts to protect our lake.


The Lovell Lake Association has several major focuses to protect our lake:

  • Inspecting boats as they enter our lake to help ensure invasive plants and animals are caught before they contaminate our lake.
  • Checking the water quality through testing. Snorkeling and visual inspection of our
    shoreline to identify any issue in the lake and quality of the water.
  • Support of local organizations that help prevent pollutants from entering our lake like the Wakefield Action Watershed Association.
  • Support of organizations that help preserve our loon population.

The results of these efforts are often hard to measure but are seen every time you look into its clear blue waters, swim and ski without encountering weeds, or just enjoy the early morning breeze as the mist skates across the glassine surface.

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